Obaachan wa IdolAuthor: KIKUCHI Kumiko (1997)
Publishing Status: Completed
Scanlation Status: Completed

Yamada Momoka is your average 16 year old girl. Her family consists of herself, her dad who works at a TV station, and her mom. Apparently she also has a strict prune of a grandma, but who doesn’t? Except that the grandma, Yamada Tamaki, had an accident at the TV station where she got electrocuted and now looks like a 16 year old Yamato Nadeshiko. It isn’t easy for Momoka when her grandma arbitrarily decides to attend Momoka’s high school as a student as well. Tamaki isn’t just pretty, she’s also very cultured, well-mannered, and still maintains her old-fashioned streak from her 65 years of wisdom.


Obaa-chan wa Idol Chapter 1-4

Obaa-chan wa Idol Chapter 5-8

Obaa-chan wa Idol Chapter 9-12

Obaa-chan wa Idol Chapter 13-15


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